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Together organization holds a discussion forum to discuss the implications of the increasing cases of violence against women
On the occasion of the International Campaign for 16 Days to Combat Violence against Women, the Ma’an Organization for Humanitarian Relief and Development on 30/11/2020 and at its headquarters in Baghdad held a dialogue seminar entitled (Together for Women and Youth) the first 2020 to discuss the implications of the increasing cases of violence against women and domestic violence in general In addition to the various problems and challenges that women and youth face in light of the current crises and the economic repercussions as a result of the Corona pandemic,
The symposium was attended by the organization’s president, Sarah Allawi, a delegation from the High Commission for Human Rights, and a number of community and academic youth figures.
Miss Allawi stressed the need to approve the Domestic Violence Law and to develop real solutions and mechanisms that must be applied by the concerned parties to confront violence against women and the Iraqi family.
For his part, the delegation of the Commission for Human Rights indicated that there is continuous follow-up to the file of women in Iraq and the recording of violations and cases of violence against them and other cases of domestic violence, stressing the need to pass the Domestic Violence Law and support various civil society organizations for this approach.
At the conclusion of the forum, it was agreed to hold such seminars on an ongoing basis in order to discuss this important file and with the participation of humanitarian and community organizations and unify visions to achieve the necessary steps in order to combat these problems and the various developments that the Iraqi youth are facing continuously.

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