Brief about Together Organization

Together for Humanitarian Relief and Development is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit Development Organization founded in 2019.
The organization works to develop the capacities of civil institutions and individuals through various humanitarian and developmental programs that build, strengthen abilities and gain skills to meet current and future needs in accordance with the national standards and according to the Iraqi non-governmental organization law no.12 of 2010; Together aims to be the leading development organization in Iraq to achieve a permanent, independent and effective civil society.

Together’s Objectives

  1. Building the capacities of civil society organizations to effectively play their role in community developing processes through raising mass awareness, monitoring, advocacy and partnerships.
  2. Promoting for societal peace that guarantees civil development, respect for basic human rights, and achieving justice and equality for all segments of the society.
  3. Achieving governance standards for governmental and non-governmental institutions and supporting leaders and decision-makers in these institutes with the latest up to date-programs.
  4. Improving educational institutions efforts and method of performance to effectively invest students’ talents and skill in order to achieve positive outcomes and results.
  5. Empowering women socially and economically and activating their leading role to participate in public life, and exercise their civil rights.
  6. Enabling unemployed individuals to establish their own business which contributes to alleviating poverty.

7. Developing media outlets performance that delivers civil and national development and achieve its objectives.

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